Seekonk Public Schools Dining Services

To: Parents/Guardians, Students, and Staff at Seekonk Public Schools

From: Happykids Dining Services
 Julia Child, Director of Dining Services

As your Food Service Director for the 2009–10 school year, I look forward to having another successful year and making sure that the children are enjoying their meals! This year, we have added new and exciting choices to the menu and will be focusing on 3 different promotions.

This years schedule is as follows:

  • September — December will focus on food & culture.
  • January — March we will discuss the importance of a healthy breakfast.
  • April — June will be all about sustainability.

We will be using more fruits and vegetables from your local farms along with working on recycling and becoming more “green”. Along with the use of local fruits and vegetables we are going to try to be more socially responsible. We are asking for your help to make payments twice a month, thus decreasing the amount of envelopes used.

I would also like to take a moment to explain how the Nutrikids program works in the elementary schools.

  • All students have an ID number assigned by the school department.
  • Parents and Guardians can send in cash/checks or pay online in advance for school lunch or milk.
  • There is NO charging school lunch. We are not allowed to do this with town money. Students are to use their money to purchase a complete lunch or milk anytime throughout the school year (snacks are sold after everyone has received a hot lunch).
  • Please fill out the front of the envelope complete with students name, teacher, total dollar amount enclosed, check number, and date. Checks are made out to the Town of Seekonk. You are welcome to use your own envelope, as long as all information is on the front. Be sure to seal the envelope so the money is secure.

Money is collected at the beginning of the day in class and each morning students check off and order which meal choice they are having for the day. Ordering in the morning helps the kitchen prepare exactly what is needed for the day, cuts back on waste, and more importantly ensures that your child receives what they would like to eat that day. Menus are sent home monthly or can be found on the Martin School’s website and in the Seekonk Reporter.

As a reminder, applications for free and reduced-price meals will be sent home at the beginning of the school year and are always available at your child’s school. Complete the application and have your child return is promptly to the school principal’s office. 
 You are encouraged to sign up for e.bites. This nutritional newsletter is provided by Happykids.

In closing, the entire dining service staff and I look forward to serving you and your children this year to provide you with a great quality school dining program.
 Julia Child