An inside look on the Tall Oil Plant project by Corrocoat.

Corrocoat USA Case Study: Tall Oil Plant

This piece encompasses a scope of work that was completed by Corrocoat USA. Additionally, this project belongs to the Pulp and Paper industry.

To paraphrase, the Tall Oil Caustic Tank’s chime and foundation was severely corrupted, causing voids below the concrete slab. The concrete slab, affected by exposure to NaOH, H2SO4 and Black Liqour, formed low areas causing 1/2 inch (13 mm) to 2" (51 mm) deep puddles, which further increased the problem at large.

So, with the aforementioned summary of the work that needs to be completed, what does this mean in terms of obtaining a solution? Like most things, this had to be finished in a process, in order to guarantee a result. Firstly, we utilized a 4 inch, or 102 mm diameter core drill and boroscope to determine the location of sub-surface voids. After the voids were located, we pumped 5000 PSI cementitious grout into the voids. All the water or chemicals that would otherwise run onto the project area included in the scope of work into a nearby U Drain.

To continue this process, we sealed the concrete with Plasmet Epoxy Concrete Primer, or ECP. We used tapcon screws to secure string that held line levels used for establishing the proper grade or slope of the new surface. We then mixed Corrocoat Epoxy Polymer Concrete, or EPC, in 1/5 cubic yard (152 Liter) kits using a gas powered concrete mixer. Approximately 1 cubic yard, or 760 liters, of Corrocoat EPC were used to re-grade the concrete slab so that it would drain into the nearby sump. Now, also keep in mind that we are able to increase the slab height at areas by as much as 3 inches (78 mm), graded down to as low as ½” (13 mm).

Finally, we swept blast the Corrocoat EPC and applied Polyglass VEF and Polyglass VE Veilcoat to provide a surface that will protect the slab against the otherwise chemically corrosive service environment. With these methods in hand, it was evident that Corrocoat did everything to identify, inquire, assess, manufacture, apply their methods and finish the job, with flying colors.