Five Ways I Learn

Visual Learning

In classes that typically require note taking, I tend to retain information better when I see examples being done. For example, if I need to solve a math problem, I would have to see the problem done step after step until the problem is done. Then when I am doing homework I can reference my notes and successfully answer the question. In a setting that only requires reading, I would need to physically be reading a text instead of listening to an audio-book or someone reading to me. Another helpful tip is to annotate the text, makes notes on it, and even compose questions about the text.


In classes where discussions take place, I like to actively participate in the discussion rather than to take notes. I feel that if I were to take notes, I would lose the value of the lesson being taught/discussed. What I find myself often doing is sharing what I had discussed in class with my friends or family later that day, and geek out about it until our conversation leads to another topic that is worth geeking out over.

Note Taking

In class I find it easier to write down the key points in a not-so-organized manner, then later that day before doing homework, I will neatly rewrite my notes. This serves as a quick review study session and it will give you a more clear understanding of the lesson you took notes on. Another great thing about this is that you will have neat notes to look back on when you are reviewing or studying for an exam.


When it comes to studying, I prefer a quiet environment so I can concentrate better. The method I usually use to study (when I am not cramming, that is) is flashcards. Flashcards help me memorize quickly, and they are super convenient to carry around, so you really don’t have to set time aside to study, you can just whip them out whenever you need to review!

Study Groups

Another method of studying that has helped me in the past is an organized study group. Study groups are great because it makes studying less of a drag. In the study groups I have been in, I have had the chance to ask my group questions that I didn’t understand in class, and they were able to help me. We also noticed that when we would not have study group before an exam, we would all have lower scores than our scores on exams that we had studied the night before.

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