Last Blog Post

Here is where you can find my first blog post. This post included the five ways I learn the best.

My second blog post was an about an attention log that I had done for an assignment, you can read my blog here.

Up next is a topic I am constantly thinking about, fairness! I wrote a blog that posed a BIG question, you can read about it right here.

My fourth blog post is about a TED Talk that discusses the issues and possible solutions that I had posed for my big question in the previous blog post. My fourth blog post can be found here.

My fifth blog post was based on an assigned reading. In this blog post I analyzed the concept of friendship through social media platforms.

One of my final blog posts is my lesson plan for December 7th. This was my favorite blog post and assignment from the semester. I discussed what the assigned homework will be and an overview of what I have prepared.

In a nutshell

I feel as if I have learned a lot about myself and the ways I learned best. Most importantly I learned how to create blog posts and have improved my design skills through the semester. Writing was never a bore since the class had the opportunity to do the assignment in any unique way. My techniques for finding research has also been improved, thanks to this class and the helpful resources it has provided me with. Overall, this course helped me develop into a person who has a better idea of what they want to pursue.

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