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Not too long ago, I posed a question. That question is if humans are capable in living in a fair world. I have recently found a TED Talk has valid points that relate to the question I have posed.

You can watch the TED Talk here.

This TED Talk contains many brilliant moments. A few moments stuck out the most to me. The first moment was at @8:13. This was a moment that relates to my article because it discusses compassion. Carl Safina had mentioned that compassion is acting on sympathy which I had mentioned was important in my past blog. I had mentioned that there needs to be action taken in order to progress towards a fair world. The second moment was @13:50 when he asked why we pose so much pain to animals. This was something I had also mentioned in my blog, about how animal cruelty is unjust, especially because they do not not harm us. Another brilliant moment is @16:42 when he discusses what makes us human. Safina explains that we are the most extreme species on the planet. The most compassionate yet the most violent. This really helped me realize solution for my question, which would be to be less violent and more compassionate. Lastly the last moment was @19:02. He asked if us humans cared enough to let them continue peacefully. This stood out to me because that is the question that can possibly be the solution to my big question. I think that once humanity as a whole, cares enough about the injustice going in the world, change will happen. All we have to do is care.

Overall, this TED Talk was very interesting and inspiring to me since I am a huge animal activist. The issues that Carl Safina brought up were all issues that are current and valid- but above all, unjust. This TED Talk really made me feel motivated to find a solution for the big question I have posed.


Carl Safina

Teresa Delfin

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