Do we stay in London or do we go?

This is the question I ask myself ALL THE TIME.

We couldn’t be more embedded if we tried — both myself and my partner grew up here, so all our family, friends and cats live here. We’re lucky enough to have weekly childcare help from some of the grandparents, and we have a great network of friends.

So why do I keep coming back to the question of whether to stay here or not?

Life in London is hard. I know it’s hard everywhere, but there’s something in my gut that tells me it’s harder in London (I just can’t work out if this is actually true — is it?).

It’s hard when I’m standing on Oxford Street queueing at 6.30pm because the tube is shut, again. I just want to get home and see the kids. It’s hard when I don’t really take the kids to the park behind the house because that’s the park where muggers target mums. It’s hard when our hard earned money flows out of my hands, just to live, no luxuries. London feels like a city that favours the rich. I crave the space and the peace of not being here.

But London can be so good as well. I can take the kids to the Tate, the London Transport Museum, the fountains at Kings Cross, the parks, the many many city farms, the library, the zoo. We can go for tea and cakes, delicious food. I’d miss the diversity, the people, the chaos. I also feel like no one is a cheerleader for London — all I ever hear is that leaving London is the best thing anyone did, but I think really?

Anyway, enough bleating on. As you can see, I’m not (we’re not) great at making decisions. To help us, we’ve filled in a handy decision making list. What do you think? Would you stay or go? Have you? Will you?

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