Invitation & Announcement Cards

With announcements and events happening all year round, I think the way you tell people your big news or invite them to your party or event is very important.

I have always been a fan of invitation and announcement cards as I think they’re a nice fun way of informing your closest friends and family about something that you’re excited about. With big news such as engagements, weddings and pregnancies, you must tell people the special news in the best way.

I remember when my auntie broke the news to us about her being pregnant. We we’re all sitting around the table at Christmas after eating a nice big roast dinner and she told all of us to look under our chairs where we would find a sealed envelope. At first, I just thought it would be a Christmas card with a gift card for me as that’s what she usually gets me for Christmas. The first thing that confused me was that she then asked us all to open them at the same time which is something that we’ve never ever done before. My auntie started laughing at this point because she saw all of our confused faces but she then went on to say ‘everyone open them on the count of 3’. We all counted down together and quickly pulled the card out of the envelope. The sound of gasps and screams echoed around the room as you can imagine and everyone got up to congratulate my auntie. I think it was a really good way of breaking the big news to us because even though we were all there together, the cards made it all that little bit more exciting. The news of my auntie being pregnant was 10 times better than any gift card or present I could have wished for so I was happy!