“who are you wearing?”

awards season has arrived (cries internally)!! my favorite season, aside from football, basketball, and any extended holiday ‘breaks’ where it is socially acceptable to lay in the comfort of my bed for ridiculously long periods of time. let’s just say awards season ranks towards the top of my list.

as most of us are aware, the golden globes were this past sunday. there were some winners and some losers, some people wept while others chuckled. speeches were long, meryl streep is literally a goddess, yadda yadda yadda. one of the best parts of any awards show, in my humble opinion, is what the stars/attendees decide to show up in. amazing, custom haute couture garments flawlessly glide the red carpet, some more flawlessly than others. just fathoming the work and time and stress put into these creations that will be wined and dined for literally ONE night is equally fascinating and bizarre.

this blog post will be dedicated to some of my favorite ‘one night stands’, for lack of a better phrase, of the 2015 golden globes. let it be known that i have immense admiration and respect to all the designers who were featured on the red carpet last sunday. i only dream to be half as talented and appreciated as you ❤.

well, without further ado….

sienna miller in mii miu

sienna miller in miu miu; the front, the back, the pleats, the trims ok sienna, you’re a goddess, you win.

lorde in narcisco rodriguez; its ok, i was that ballzy to rock a pant suit at 18 too…

lorde in narcisco rodriguez

naomi watts in gucci and live schreiber; both equally fresh to death. also please give that serpanti necklace, i will give you my first born in exchange.

naomi watts in gucci and live schreiber

jill soloway in kenzo suit and prada shoes; god she’s cool.

jill soloway in kenzo suit

diane kruger in emilia wickstead; brb drooling.

diane kruger in emilia wickstead

anna faris in reem acra and chris pratt in tom ford; funny and fresh is all i gotta say. also can i join your family? call me?

anna faris in reem acra and chris pratt in tom ford

amy poehler in stella mccartney; a gown w/ pockets my respect for amy poehler is unmeasurable, we vibe girl.

amy poehler in stella mccartney

clive owen in giorgio armani; velvet suit jacket, nuff said

clive owen in giorgio armani

matthew mcconaughey in dolce & gabbana and camila alves in monique lhuillier; alright, alright, alright.

matthew mcconaughey in dolce & gabbana and camila alves in monique lhuillier

rosamund pike in vera wang; go’on girl werk it.

rosamund pike in vera wang

also honorable mention to amal clooney, her eyebrows are my inspiration

amal clooney in christian dior couture

and thanks to buzzfeed , you can see everyones look color-coordinated.

let me know your thoughts, did i miss one of your favs? ‘til next time, stay stylish and je suis charlie.

-chloe v.

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