“who are you wearing?” part deux

here we are again; me fangirling over suits, designers, gowns, jewelry, and rosamund pikes stylist. the 21st annual screen actors guild awards (sag, probably the worst acronym hands down) were this past sunday. an underappreciated awards show, that allows working actors to celebrate one anothers achievements in their craft. i imagine fashion weeks are incredibly similar to these awards shows; everyones starving (mostly themselves), you likely have to sit next to someone you hate, more than one individual is wearing something absolutely ridiculous, and their is free booze involved.

basically another excuse to adorn famous individuals with primarily custom-made pieces to be displayed for one night only. lol hollywood…lol.

regardless, much praise goes to all the designers who were honored on the red carpet this past sunday. like, are y’all hiring?

lets get this rolling…

laura carmichael // vionnet

laura carmichael in vionnet; like, i’ve seen every single episode of downton abbey and i had no idea this is what edith crawley was packing under her sad, second child perpetual pms-ness. get.it.girl. seriously #marywho?

you may know nothing, jon snow. but boy you know something about workin a bow tie. you are definitely a ‘dapper’ wolf (got fans will appreciate that pun, ur welcome). well done burberry, well done.

kit harington // burberry

tatiana maslany in oscar de la renta; sarah, allison, helena, cosima, rachel, like whoever you are, you are radiant and a gem and can we be besties? (if you don’t watch orphan black, you need to, like yesterday).

tatiana maslany // oscar de la renta

lorelei linklater in honor; girl, i know you’re probably pissed that it took like twelve years for you to grace us with your freaking amazing, wednesday addams chic presence. thank you and you’re my spirit animal.

lorelei linklater // honor

felicity jones in balenciaga; ur pretty. bye. brb still drooling.

felicity jones // balenciaga

keira knightley in erdem; you’re a goddess, could you go back to mt. olympus now, kim kardashian may try to harvest your soul.

keira knightley // erdem

emma stone in dior haute couture; i’m speechless, seriously i am at a loss for words on how ahhmazing dior and emma stone are. like naomi was not even worthy to trip over that train. thanks for letting her know i still want her necklace from the golden globes. you the best.

emma stone // dior haute couture

eddie redmayne in prada; i’ve never wanted to be a man, but like if i could look half as good in that suit, sign me up. #lapelsonfleek #smize

eddie redmayne // prada

kelly macdonald in moschino; *breath* ihavenothingfunnytosayyouaresoprettycanipleasecleanyourdishesandmoschinoisagod. #softsmileonpoint

kelly macdonald // vintage moschino

lenny kravitz; again if i could inhabit a mans body, you would be top of my list.

lenny kravitz

reese witherspoon in giorgio armani; please stop reese, us plebeians are not deserving of your existence.

reese witherspoon // giorgio armani

rosamund pike in dior haute couture; like go’ooooooonnn girl still werkin it.

rosamund pike // dior haute couture

maisie williams in self portrait & sophie turner in osman; if y’all need like an older friend to hold your bags and take candid pics of you for instagram, like i’m totally available.

maisie williams // self portrait & sophie turner // osman

jennifer anniston in john galliano; feel free to drop off that fred leighton necklace anytime, i wouldn’t mind justin therouxs tie clip as well. thnx

justin theroux & jennifer anniston // vintage john galliano; fred leighton jewels

and shoutout to the ladies and like 2 dudes of the oitnb cast, you all looked amazing and congrats.

oitnb cast // the whole lot
oitnb // details

thanks for tolerating me and my word vomit. who were you favorites? follow my other social media outlets (insta) + (tumblr) + (twitter). thanks for reading and feedback is much appreciated.

stay stylish and that’s a wrap.

-chloe v.

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