What can AR do for you?

The world has been awash with the rate at which augmented reality technology, and education has taken over our cyberspace. With a lot more focus on what they can do, the problems they can help us solve and the relaxed and fun times we can have with them.

For the latter, it comes no better than;

Video Gaming

Cool applications like Scanta app have been created since the inception of AR that can do a host of things including turning your environment into a scene for a gaming episode. It can also give you a close to a real-life experience as regards to what you feel, hear and touch.

Scanta is an augmented reality gaming network. A place where AR is at it’s peak with AR games. It is also a place where the App can be augmented into recipients’ environment.

Video games are some of the reasons most people enjoy augmented reality technology. Some of these games are free on the iPhone. But AR also has other uses.

AR gaming has gone a step further by directly placing a camera on a ball, for example, the camera of can use the ball and your motion to represent all your action in an AR basketball setting.

Augmented reality business apps

Thankfully, with the help of augmented reality businesses have become so much more relaxed, because from the comfort of your office you can hold conferences because using AR apps on Apple store and Google play store.

One such app is Snapchat, though a social media app, most info graphics that would be needed to describe an item or a particular thing can be done on some of the apps live.

Documents can also be scanned using virtual reality and sent using the same AR platform to multiple people at the same time.

Location-based AR

We find a bit of a solution to most of our problems when we use AR. The launching of AR by the two powerhouses of Google and Apple showed a lot of people what AR could do for you. By applying your location, AR can collate data that might prove to be useful at the end of the day.

Solving our problems

With the help of AR employees now have a chance of learning new things just by placing it on the particular object or tool that is giving them problems, like fixing a broken device or accessory.

AR has also branched into the medical field as surgical explanations are quickly done for the benefits of the student.

Other AR can show if a particular thing or item can fit into your house or not. By directly placing the camera on your wall using augmented images, you can see whether to buy or not to buy the item.