This Blues Album Will Beat Your Monday Blues!

Got a case of the Monday blues? Shake Monday misery off with MattyTWall’s music.

Know that you’re definitely not alone: A PLOS One study of more than 63 million Twitter users found that people sent the most gloomy tweets into the Twittersphere at their start of their workweeks.

Music impacts your mood, so choosing to listen to a song that you enjoy can put a smile on your face even if you are having the dreariest of days.

For instance, in one 2015 study published in Psychology of Music, researchers found that listening to tunes can curb biological markers of stress, including increased heart rate, high blood pressure and wonky cortisol levels.

Here is an album with a feel good beat that would make you want to do eagle wings around the office. If anybody questions your soar, just direct them to this album- ‘Blue Skies’ which is nominated as Best Blues Album for the 15th Annual Independent Music Awards. The entire album is consistently stunning; a gumbo of most modern styles, served up beautifully. Opener ‘Burnin Up Burnin Down’ is a heavy horn-driven Chicago stomper. There is also a music video for the first track. Watch and enjoy it below.

Start your week off on a high note — with the help of THE BLUES. ։)

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