Computers Over The Years


Hi i would like to start this blog with a introduction about myself.

Hi I am Chloe Molina, Chloe in short. Im 11 years old from the Philipines.

Im very corky, i wear eyeglasses and Im NOT good in math. Ok so thats done lets start!


The First IBM computer was introduced in Aug. 12 1981. Its name was “Acorn” this is a personal computer as well. This includes a Intel Chip, 2 floppy disks and an optional color monitor.


The first Personal computer with GUI was released Apple this was the first computer that is portable with thw familiar flip form that was considered the first laptop ever made. This is called The Gavilian SC.


March 15, The first dot-com was made which marks the start of the internet history, This was called ‘” , more than two years dot-com gained over 100 dot-com websites*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto


The Google search engine was developed and made by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. There are the founders if ‘Google’

Larry Page

Sergey Brin


Apple released the new IMac a desktop which is a Intel Based computer. This is the first desktop that Apple has relesed and it really brought Apple billions because of this.


Apple again released the new MacBook PRO this is the first laptop that has a touch screen not really the whole screen but just a portion sadly this is not available in Southeast Asia only in the US and Canada
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