The End of Windows Phone
Weston Powers

Sadly, I have had 2 Windows phones, 1 iPhone, and an Android, and I liked the Windows OS better. It was clean, simple, and the tiles gave me plenty of quick information right on the front screen. The hardware was well designed, looked and felt good, and ran pretty fast. Heck, even the MSN News and Sports apps were really nice….at least as nice as anything I’ve found on the other platforms.

Unfortunately, those are about the only apps on the thing. Facebook and Twitter were there. Skype was there. There was some Instagram knockoff there. However, if I wanted to share a grocery list from my wife’s Kroger card or from the Target Redcard, fugettaboutit. Any new hot apps out there you want to try? Fugettaboutit.

It just became too much of a hassle. I have an Android now and it’s just okay. I haven’t lost the connection I used with OneDrive on the Windows phones, and now I can use Office on here, too, if I want. It gets the job done well enough.