Practical whimsy design clearly explained

The task of using whimsical items in design is no longer daunting, as Design Shack provides engaging and obtainable examples.

Whimsy, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, means “a playful or amusing quality: a sense of humor or playfulness”. Prior to reading , “Design Trend: Incorporating Whimsy” from the Design Shack website, I was unclear on how such a playful word could be used in the complex world of design. However, this article introduced me to a wide variety of whimsical components, which can be easily added to your next design project.

The task of incorporating fanciful or playful elements into your work may seem daunting, but this article makes the process understandable and quite obtainable. It clearly explains the different whimsical elements available to designers, from handwritten typefaces to simple animation to watercolor effects.

Accompanying these explanations, are photographs that visualize the respective whimsical element. As a visual learner, the photographs helped me understand the technique and even prompted me to recognize whimsical elements I’ve seen in my past.

The article connects with its audience, by providing examples of whimsical techniques in use today. For example, included in the paragraph on simple animation is a reference to Pharrell Williams’s site. This pointed me to a concrete and relevant example that was easy to find and further helped me learn about how the whimsical trend in design actually takes shape.

In a clear and concise conclusion, the article calmed me down as a reader by inviting me to start small with whimsical concepts. After reading through brilliant examples of these techniques I felt as if in my next project I had to incorporate all of the whimsical elements I had just read about. However, the article makes sure that less is more, for a mass amount of whimsical techniques can be quite overwhelming.