Which are the various types of recliners available in the market?

The first set of recliners was introduced during the 1920s and they attracted a lot of customers due to the level of comfort that they offered. The variety was limited. But, today, you can select from multiple options available in the market. Let’s take a quick look at details about some of the popular options available in various countries.

Specially designed recliner chairs for individuals suffering from back pain

Back pain can influence person’s mobility and the pain can make day to day life difficult. Adjustable recliner chairs offer extra support and help patients with pain relief. Thus, such piece of furniture is often recommended to patients for relaxing. Chair position, as well as foot rest, can be easily adjusted with the help of lever or buttons on the chair.

Some chairs are also equipped to offer additional lumbar and neck support. They not only offer comfort but look superb as well.

Rocker recliner offers comfort to patients suffering from insomnia

As the name suggests, such piece of furniture reclines as well as offers rocking motion. This is the reason, people, including insomnia patients, use them to sleep. It’s popularly used by nursing mothers as well. Rocking motion helps in keeping the baby relaxed, on the other hand, the mother gets the comfort and warmth that she needs while sleeping. It’s also beneficial when it comes to relieving pregnancy related pain according to several studies.

People suffering from knee problems can benefit from wall-hugger recliners

This type of recliner is suitable for people suffering from knee related issues as users can sit up straight and higher. It’s a wall-hugger and requires lesser space, thus, suitable for houses with smaller rooms.

Buy massage recliner if you have a good budget

Such recliners are costlier than wall-hugger and rocker, but the comfort level offered can justify the high price. You can also opt for massage recliner with additional features like heating function. Advanced chairs can recline, lift the user or offer massage to legs and back.

Lift chairs suitable for individuals suffering from various medical conditions

Thanks to its motorized mechanism, the chair can lift itself up from its base and make getting up easy for patients suffering from knee and leg issues. This is the reason lift chairs are popular with people who have limited capacity to use their legs. It’s available in a variety of shapes and sizes along with multiple features to suit needs of individuals suffering from various medical conditions.

Classis recliners

These are probably suitable for people who wish to buy simple recliners with contemporary styles. They are made from a variety of fabrics and available in a wide range of colors to suit almost all types of interiors. Classic ones are considered to be one of the most sold and Best Leather Recliners in the market.

Such chairs are recommended for people whose jobs involve standing for several hours every day. They can get rid of stress by simply relaxing on recliners after coming back home. Recliners also help in improving blood circulation. No matter whichever type you opt for, your health would definitely benefit from the same.

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