Advantages when using the Electrolux washer

Trusted brands. If you are shopping chaired household appliances, at least you have more than once heard or saw the brand Electrolux.

First and foremost, you should know Electrolux is a premium brand, expensive with creative products, with attractive design. However, the reliability of a brand not only because it is well-known brands. There are many other factors to assess the reliability of a quality brand such as warranty, customer care, product rate to be fixed (or never have to fix) …

Electrolux washer chuyên sửa máy giặt electrolux tại hà nội, dịch vụ bảo dưỡng sửa chữa máy giặt uy tín

In total, Electrolux is considered a reliable brand of product reliability. From about ten years ago, the company focuses more on Asian markets, including Vietnam by establishing, expanding customer care, product design suitable for the environmental conditions and habits, needs of users in Asia.

Electrolux is one of the washing machine door brand across Vietnam market leader (according to 2009 statistics, the horizontal door Electrolux washing machines accounted for 68% market share in Vietnam). As for the segment stood washing machine door, new Electrolux participants from about a few years ago with the EWT using T-Drive technology is cleaner, anti-twist clothes, no traces of soap after cleaning and more water saving.

Beautiful design, usability priority. Electrolux product design gives users the feeling of being freed to do the job the way their families want with high efficiency. Electrolux washing machine too, which integrates advanced features, energy saving, water saving, safe and friendly to both users and the environment. Electrolux products also convince housewives in beauty design.

Electrolux washing machine with two front door and the door on the form. Electrolux washing machine door have a capacity of 7kg wash — 9 kg — 11 kg, the stylish design, equipped with glass lid and console user friendly. There is a similar power, the horizontal door Electrolux washing machine is designed according to the philosophy’d become washer in bathroom furniture than just a washing machine. That means that apart form style, rich colors, it is also optimized in size and can be easily combined with other furniture. Like washing machine door above, the horizontal door Electrolux washing machine always spoke highly user friendly.

Adjust the flexible cleaning. Electrolux washing machine today has many features, specific cleaning regime. If not want to wait that long, you should choose quick wash program, do not want to waste time sorting the laundry material carefully, you can select the cleaning mode “Synthesis”. Also with the washing programs for cotton clothing, soft furniture, hot wash, cold wash …

Electrolux washing machine front door now features Time Management Time Manager allows users to select the appropriate time according to the principles washing clothes less dirty than the less time cleaning and vice versa. Generally, with this feature, not every batch cleaning requires a long time as several new cleaning efficiency.

Wash and efficiency. One of the advantages that many users recognize the Electrolux washer clean washing machine, clothes less wrinkled. There were also suggestions that the evaluation of clean laundry Electrolux hasty and subjective because many households only use the first washer Electrolux should not have the opportunity to compare the effectiveness with other washers. However, for users, the most important thing in the end still was washing clothes is clean, wash clothes creased and not lose strength fabric, rather than wash clothes in the washing machine cleaner other washing machines.

Currently, Vietnam market Electrolux washing machine door Washing fresh low power level is 6.5 kg, the highest of 11kg (11kg categories currently available information only and has no showroom). Electrolux washing machine door Washing stand batches lowest capacity 7kg, 11kg maximum.

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