Electrolux washing machine: pros and cons

You are planning to buy Electrolux washing machine but all you know is the familiarity of the name Electrolux? So this article will help you understand more about Electrolux washers.

Chuyên sửa máy giặt electrolux tại nhà — sửa máy giặt electrolux — sửa chữa máy giặt electrolux

Electrolux is a manufacturer of household appliances multinational headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Calculated according to market size in 2010 as a manufacturer Electrolux appliances the world’s second largest, after Whirlpool.

Famous Electrolux vacuum cleaner product but the product lines of its washing machines are also highly competitive. In Vietnam, we can say more about the famous Electrolux washer field. Summary of advantages and disadvantages below partly explains why the famous Electrolux washers.

Electrolux washing machine spin speed horizontal door / highest extractor 1200 rev / min, vertical door highest milking speed 1000 rev / min.

Note that the horizontal door Electrolux washing machine spin / squeeze about 800 cycles / min, washing clothes is not very dry finish.

Saving electricity and water. Usually, electricity and water savings are key advantages of front-loading washing machine in general and Electrolux washing machine front door is not an exception. Electrolux washing machine door also on new market entry, though Vietnam in recent years, but according to the manufacturer Electrolux, on EWT door models using T-Drive technology can save up to 50% of water use compared to machines regular cleaning.

Smoothly. If Electrolux washer cried as criticism or vibration washer / extractor, then maybe it is because the installation is not balanced; Washing clothes too little. Although Electrolux washing machines are now capable tripod but the best adjusted when installing a washing machine at home, especially if you have bought the stand, ask workers to put weight machine before leaving.

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