How Do I Title This? Fuck It. That’s the Title.

For some reason I really feel like I’m supposed to write something super inspirational. I know that’s not really going to happen. I just really wanna complain about my boss. Managing a restaurant is respectable.. I guess. But why is every restaurant manager a dick. Yeah I said it. I can’t wait to graduate and leave this shit hole. When I graduate I’ll have two degrees in business management and industrial engineering with a minor in marketing. That earns some respect, right? Nope. None when you work at a restaurant. I’ve made beautiful pieces of art, and I even donate clothes every six months. For a broke college student struggling to make ends meet and can’t go shopping very often, that’s a lot. I’m kind of proud.

So you could understand my frustration when my jerk of a boss bragged to me about her $1,000 shoes she just ‘threw on today’ as I stood very proud of my $50 pair of black on black chucks I bought myself for my birthday in January. I had to wait a week after my birthday to buy them, but it still counts! Strike one. She was also so nice as to explain to me three times that the negative sign next to the dollar amount that appears on my daily check out means I am owed money. Three times! Strike two. If I’m giving the impression that there are only three strikes before I quit, sorry. This is real life. There are an unlimited amount of strikes. She’s embarrassed me in front of coworkers and customers, but I can’t quit. It’s just not an option. For now. Did I mention that when she talks to me she stands about three inches from my face. I can literally see the food particles left in her teeth from lunch. (Literally, what a bullshit ass word. Of course it’s literally, why else would we be saying it. I’m going to try and use that despicable word less. ) I don’t know if I used those parenthesis correctly, maybe I’ll ask my boss. Lol.

Saturday as I was standing by the tea, one of the cooks came up behind me, said hi in English, and then said I had a fat ass in Spanish. I’m black, so I guess he felt uncomfortable when I responded to him in Spanish. My bad ass hole.

Well happy Monday. Cheers to everyone putting up with annoying jobs. I feel your pain.

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