“A one night stand that became the love of your life” that’s what I hear in one of the many scenes that I have seen since I have watched Greys Anatomy from the Beginning almost 11 years ago.

It’s funny to see how the story has continued to captivate people, even me. In most instances people seem to let go of a show no depending on if their favorite person dies or the repetition of the story. 8 can’t say that greys anatomy hasn’t been able to go that themselves by maybe repeating certain storylines but, I feel as though it’s the love stories of the couples that have been able to keep fans like me watching.

Meredith and Derek, Callie and Arizona, Alex and Jo, April and Jackson and so on everyone has the couple that they kind of see themselves in and maybe someone that they maybe able to idolize.

The story of a couple on Greys Anatomy can take so many twist and turns that it can end in heartbreak or even death, but when or if it does it always ends bittersweetly. These aren’t your Cinderella and Snow White endings.