What I learned from “Callie” on Greys Anatomy

For the last 12 years I have been watching greys anatomy. I have watched it so many times that I can literally tell you lines and storylines and I still get excited, even though I know exactly what is going to happen.

I have learned a lot and continue to learn a lot as I watch the show and it’s never about the medical part of it. I think in watching the show as a die hard fan you get very invested in the characters, storylines and relationships and its all thanks to creator shonda Rhimes. In the 12 years my favorite character has and will always be Meredith but, I will say I have learned the most from Callie, (played by Sara Ramirez).

I began watching greys during my college years and that’s when the character of Callie made her appearance in season 2 as a love interest for George, although that didn’t end up well she made a impact and stayed every season until the end of season 12 this year in 2016.

As a gay man I didn’t see a lot to characters at the time on television that embodied the kind of character and idea of relationship and drive that I embodied for myself one day when I fell in love and maybe even got married. At the time it was never even a thought. Callie was a character (who was bisexual) helped me to see that it was possible to be able to do these kind of things, things that everyone could do.

When Arizona was later introduced I never knew what a winding road that their relationship would take, no fan did. As a avid “Meredith and Derek shipper” Calzona was far my favorite couple but to see they’re up and downs from many break ups to the plane crash that took Arizona’s leg and counseling session which was my favorite episode of theirs, it showed the work that a couple tries to do when there has been so much damage done, how do you come back from that and ultimately become friends.

The career ambitions of Callie were so remarkable to watch. I loved seeing her character always try even though it looked like it was impossible to do. My favorite Callie episode is when she is sued, by a patient who was a famous boarder. It was sad to watch because you could feel how sad she was for the patient and how hard it was for her to have to cut off his legs, knowing that it was close to home with Arizona.

I will continue to be sad watching and knowing that Callie won’t be in season 14 and I’m sad that so many fans didn’t like her send off but I thoroughly enjoyed it. After many years of fighting with Arizona and having the ultimate fight over custody of their daughter they were finally to come to a resolution of happiness.

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