Things have been moving fast at Ontruck for the past three years. We went from a team of 10 people sharing a small office to a team of 160 people distributed in four different countries.

As it happens at most fast-growing organizations, we've been struggling to keep our internal communications effective. One of the reasons behind this problem is that the lines of communication increase exponentially as a team grows.

Source: Daniel Priestley

You can easily calculate the lines of communication in your company using this formula: n*(n-1)/2 where n is the size of your team. …

Until recently, one of the steps of our design hiring process at Ontruck was a take-home exercise. The main purpose of this exercise was learning about the way candidates approach problems and their design process.

The old exercise

The problem we originally chose for the exercise had nothing to do with what we do (freight transport). These are the instructions we shared via email with the candidates that were invited to do the take-home exercise:

Imagine we are part of a new startup where we are trying to solve the following problem: At restaurants, communication among waiters, kitchen and billing is sometimes complicated…

Carlos Sánchez

Lead Product Designer at Ontruck. More on

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