What Everyone Should Know About LED Bulb Output?

Now, more people are looking to switch over to LEDs. But, the question that comes up quite often is, how to choose the right bulb, to produce a comparable amount of light to the bulb being replaced. Here are some easy ways to solve this problem:

Finding Previous Product

The right way to solve the problem is to find a product where this work has been already done. For example -to replace a 60-watt incandescent bulb, you can check for a CFL that is listed as a 60-watt equivalent. But, many LEDs do not list incandescent equivalence, like CFLs. This is because many manufacturers want to continue testing light output over time. There may also be those manufacturers who have been waiting for their ENERGY STAR certification, before advertising an incandescent equivalent. This is really problematic, yet you can consider some factors listed here.

Consider Lumen Measurement

This can be helpful when comparing bulbs. But, note that lumens are measured at the source. The amount of light falling in the area you need to lit, matters much more. So, LED Bulb brought by manufacturers like Choice Chemtech Noida, can prove to be quite effective at this task. These LEDs outperform incandescent and halogen bulbs with higher lumen ratings. The job LED is doing, really matters in practical application.

Consider Colour Temperature and CRI

Human eyes can perceive light, yet they are not the parameter of light. Hence, considering factors like Color Temperature, and Color Rendering Index (CRI), can make one light source appear to be brighter than another.

Consider Lux Meter

Finally, the best tip! Bring LED light considering their lux meter. These bulbs are ready to use in many general lighting applications and knowing their lux, you can quantify the differences. Choice Chemtech Noida recommends purchasing a lux meter, which can cost as little as $20–30. This is not a huge cost.

So, you are well-informed about measuring the output of the LEDs with the right perspective. This will certainly help you improve your lighting choice. Now, look to more sustainable and energy-efficient ways of lighting your space.