ode to joker

sincerely, harley quinn

note from nov 6th, 2010

slept with his eyes half open
reflecting obnoxiously fluourescent orange night light
at the tips of his human eyelashes
battering sometimes, flattering this watcher, swaying this lonely heart

when he awakens, electric, fantastically and frantically frazzled hair
pointing to me, the spiralling staircase, the top of the bedpost,
to north star, to heaven or hell.

slouched shoulders ready for the day he waits
his freshly washed, perfectly ironed pinstripe
as i create neatly folded bowtie to match his moss green hair
he cackles to particularly no one, something about first impressions

tip-toeing to the next room as if he’d awaken a newborn
he gazes out the night sky out the large window
observing the circular light in the dark calling for a familiar friend

his hands sternly crossed behind his back still slouched
shining pointed leather shoes tapping slowly against marble floor
counting by two-second intervals
as if knocking on a door it echoes


continues for the next hour still as dead except for his living shoe,
and calls for more sleep

so choi

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