Baby Bites and Baby Pinches

Photo Credit Caroline Chojnacki

I thought breast feeding was going to be magical.

A time for baby and I to bond and fawn after one another, but I was surely wrong in my wonderland image of mom and baby.

My baby got her first teeth at five months, and she bites and pulls my nipples and then giggles; as I scream in a shrill of surprise.

If that’s not enough; the endless pinching of my arms and breast get on my nerves; the cuts on my skin with her short nubby nails and I have little nicks down my arms and around my breast.

No matter the tactics to train her to be gentle with mommy; She continues to do it.

I tried saying gentle, and to try not to react. I even flicked my baby’s arm; Gently of course; I thought my high pitched shrill would have scared her the first time she bit my nipple.

But nope, she is persistent and now has aimed to bite my thigh, my shoulder and pull my hair.

Babies the peaceful cuddles are over after four months.
Caroline Chojnacki Images

The mommy battles have begun, if the lack of sleep was not enough then now the bruised and sore bits of my frail body is now up for the challenge.

Who knew being a mom would mean you need to toughen up and be ok with bodily harm.

My baby abuses me with love, and that’s how she shows her affections.

I’m not happy about this chapter but I know it will be over and some how worth it.

Her giggles are the best, and if it was not for that cute smile; well I hope she knows she’s lucky.