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After leaving Dudhani, we ended up in one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to called Kauncha. And how you get to Kauncha? You take a boat or a ferry ride. Ain’t that motivating enough?


To add to the beauty of Kauncha, it has two wonderful Warli artists named Vipul Gavit and Chandrakant. The difference that these guys bring to Warli art is that they’re not afraid to try out new and modern objects in their paintings.

Vipul Gavit, a drawing teacher, is very soft spoken and humble like most of the people we’ve met during our trip. He took out time to explain to us why and how Warli art is evolving. He mentioned that upcoming Warli artists not only depict the tribal events but also what they see around them in their nowadays life.

Vipul Gavit’s Warli painting showcasing mini-bus and richshaw

Although being a school teacher he dedicates half his time to making Warli paintings. When looked closely you’ll see that the way he paints defines his calm nature.

Vipul Bhai in his favorite spot, the swing

And again it was time for a Chokdi twist. And being an Indian, our lives are incomplete without some Bollywood tadka. So we got Vipulbhai to paint some iconic Bollywood posters. But again with a Warli touch to it.

A selfie with Vipul Gavit and his Bollywood adaptations

After meeting Vipulbhai we then went to see Chandrakant, who is what we feel “the jack of all trades”. Apart from being a Warli artist, he’s also a pro at making “Tarpa”, a famous local musical instrument and other customized
show pieces out of bamboo. Witnessing such great craftsmanship was very
pleasing to the eye.

‘Tarpa’ show pieces made by Chandrakant

Chandrakant’s Warli paintings are by far the most experimental Warli paintings we have seen. From the way he draws to what he draws, everything has a touch of modernization. Using colors like green, blue, black etc. Chandrakant makes everything to the perfection and is highly renowned for his work. He also does tours around India in affiliation with the Government to teach Warli art to school kids.

Chandrakant’s Warli painting

With Chandrakant we thought we’d make him paint something for all the Potterheads out there. So we got a Harry Potter timeline done in Warli style.

A selfie with Chandrakant

Warli Art is evolving and these gentlemen are taking commendable strides to promote their art as much as possible so that everyone can know how beautiful their art is; how beautiful Warli is!

Next on this trip is Dahanu. A surprise for all our readers. So be ready for a grand finale to this Warli series!

Special Thanks:

Madhuvanti: Who has still not given up on being our guide!

A selfie with Mahesh Bhai

Mahesh Bhai: Now a dear friend, who drove us around in his village and a true believer of Athithi devo Bhava.

A selfie with Rakesh Bhai, our ‘partner in crime’

Rakesh bhai: The guesthouse’s owner, more like our buddy in crime, who helped us scout the village for whatever and whenever we needed.

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