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It’s counter-intuitive but Trump would be a lot better for women.

Most of the women who’ve said he’s “sexually-assaulted” them look to me like they got scorned and feelings hurt. I know women get mad, but sometimes guys say no ‘cuz you’re just not their type and you’re in your horny week and they try to be nice, but still no. I’m speaking from experience. And there’s a lot more of those women than you think

Anytime Trump hears a woman with a problem it’s: how can I help you?
Anytime Hillary hears a woman with a problem it’s: suck it up princess.

^That’s what you’re going to be getting with H, ladies. But if that’s what you want, I’m going to enjoy the next 8 years putting my feet up and drinking beer while you ladies bust your tails lol.

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