Baking the Perfect Hokkaido Cheese Tarts

Step 1. Research & Analysis

To kick off this project, we did some research on what makes a Hokkaido Cheese Tart so perfect so we can bake the exact same ones.

What makes them so delicious?

1) Pastry Texture

The pastry is so crispy in contrast to the custard, and it smells so amazing. The pastry does not fall apart easily.

2) Pastry Flavour

It’s not so buttery that the taste takes over the custard. It has the perfect pastry and custard ratio.

3) Custard Texture

The custard is gooey, light and smooth. And the top egg wash holds it all in.

4) Custard Flavour

The cheese flavours is what really blew my mind. I could not identify the cheeses in the custard. But I knew they definitely used Japanese branded cheeses and milk.


The story goes that the seller of the famous BAKE cheese tart (the brand) ran out of packing boxes so he started selling the tart hot out of the oven on the metal trays. The customers started rolling in and that’s how he rose to fame.

The now famous BAKE store all across Asia

So the recipe research and development begins!

We have roughly a timeline to follow in order for this to succeed, keeping in mind that I have a full-time job and Choky JR is in the middle of exams:

Week 1 & 2 — Research existing recipes on the internet 🔍
Week 3,4,5 — Develop the recipes with your own experiences and knowledge of baking 💡
Week 6— Research where to source quality Japanese ingredients. 🇯🇵 Refine the final secret recipe
Week 7— Host a mini gathering to get feedback
Week 8— Practice different designs for the tarts
Week 9— Develop packaging!!!
Week 10— Research how to bake in mass production and also finish off any final preparations
Week 11 — Engage with customers!! Take amazing photos!! 📷

In the meantime, it’s time to do some grocery + kitchenware shopping!

If you have any prior knowledge or feedback to give us, we would really appreciate it! Just email us at!!!

Watch this space!!!!!


Chok Sisters ❤