I was in search of a good project in the construction sector which is the top 5 of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Realisto just came across this time. Finding the project my story was a bit different than the others. Direct project owners found me and gave me information about their projects.
If we were to talk about a little project; The name Realisto reminds me of how many Spaniards are, but it is a project developed by a German team. The purpose of the project is to distribute the money earned by buying and selling Real Estate Investments in the first place and distributing everyone who holds REA tokens at the moment in the whole system. They plan to do this in two different ways for the first stage. With the half of the money earned by ICO, they will receive houses selected by experts under the name Core Pool. With the other half, Opportunity Pool aims to earn more money by taking the semi-finished or somewhat ruined houses they see as opportunities and making them.

With this first phase of the project, they will start the second phase of the system when they get the desired outcome, and will mediate massive funding for large projects. REA Token owners can earn more by investing if they want, or they can share 70% of the money received from investors and make money if they want to do nothing.

Looking at the outline of the project, there is a situation where you will always earn money if you do not touch your tokens received with ICO at all. A project that seems more logical for investments made with the buy and forget system. For more information about the project, you can check out Whitepaper. If you want to join the ICO you can do it through Realisto’s Internet Site.


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