Join us in August for an Analysis Ready Data Interoperability workshop

I wrote about Analysis Ready Data a month ago (and Scott shared what Planet is doing on ARD), and a few of us have been plotting to bring together a wide variety of satellite imagery experts to try to really collaborate on interoperability between different satellite providers. We’ve secured some space at Planet’s Mountain View office, to help keep the costs down, but we’re aiming for a truly neutral, collaborative gathering to help move the earth observation industry forward. Radiant.Earth, a new NGO working on ‘earth imagery for impact’, who have lead the convenings on SpatioTemporal Asset Catalogs (STAC), will be involved to make it not dominated by any vendor.

We’re hoping to have much wider interoperability than shown above, including Airbus, CBERS, Urthecast, drone data and more

The event will be August 13–15, and we’ll likely run several ‘tracks’ on popular ARD topics like atmospheric correction, cloud masking, image chipping, pixel alignment and sensor alignment. My colleague Ignacio Zuleta is spearheading this from the Planet side, and I’ll be running the third collaborative STAC Sprint as a parallel track. You can see his original call for collaboration on linkedin. The goal is to spur industry-wide collaboration, and hopefully come out of the event with some standards that will provide a framework for everyone to easily produce interoperable Analysis Ready Data. And to help earth imagery be used much more easily for computer vision and machine learning.

If you are an expert in one or many of the topics above and are interested in attending please fill out the Google form at We’re also looking for sponsors to help out in the event and in sponsoring participant travel (if interested submit this form). In about a month we’ll announce the final sponsors and participants.