The hybrid model of vehicle ownership
Andre Haddad

What happens when someone spills a drink in their Porsche? Or commit a crime in your car? What if they smoke in your car? What if they go four wheeling in your Tesla? What if they drive through a crowd of people in your Range Rover? Who pays for the damage? Remember, that car payment will be due every month, regardless of who pays for the deductible. Not only will you be without your ride, but you’ll have to keep paying the bills on it. The idea your Tesla could pay for itself implies people who can’t afford one can rely on Turo to create the income they need. But that only works if you have cooperative and responsible drivers. Even then, drivers make mistakes. What about scratched rims? Burn outs on your $1200 tires? Door dings from the grocery store? Perhaps the renter didn’t do these things, but someone else did them while the vehicle was in the renters possession? We all know how abused rental cars are treated. Very few people accept any liability or responsibility for their actions today, especially when they are in possession of property that does not belong to them. This would have been a great business in 1945. People today are too selfish and inconsiderate for this to work in the way the author has written. I bet the world must look fantastic through those rose-colored glasses! I’m amazed and how poorly this was thought out. Just goes to prove, anyone can be a CEO.

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