On Self-Harm and Making Deeper Connections
Lyberius Ennio Taruc

“Sitting down tonight and writing about these things helped me gain a better perspective not just about the people who think differently than I do…”

Hey. I’m dealing with the same personal issue. I’d go deep down my inner self and search for things I might have done to “push” some people away. Maybe I was just so nice and it makes them uncomfortable. Or maybe I should have been even nicer. Maybe I should have smiled even better. Maybe I should have greeted “howdy!” in a more enthusiastic manner. Maybe… oh the million maybes that I can think until I’d sabotage my own self image and esteem! I’d try to experiment and do some things that I suppose might mend the perceived problem. But to no avail. It makes me even more frustrated and sad. Because you know, I want to tear down the wall between us but it has become even over-towering. And it’s tiring. I’m afraid to confront a “friend” with whom I have this issue with because it might just make things worse. Maybe learning to accept things as they are might help — like what you’ve said (or written for that matter), “I should begin to accept this if I want to make it thru life without tearing myself.”

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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