I Wander and Wonder

All these years,

my heart has been wandering —

traveling along roads

that might lead me to real love.

But the paths I took

brought me bruises and a broken heart.

I have met false loves along the way —

believing they were real —

only to stumble upon later

that they didn’t have authentic seal.

And all these times,

after going through all those angst,

I am deeply smitten by the past,

pulled back by the mem’ries that crash

over my head so fast.

My mind’s been swarmed by whys and hows.

Why should a heart afterward be broken

after having to love, it ended being sullen?

How should a soulmate be found

when all of my radars have been badly downed?

I am losing connection in the realm of hope

that there might be somebody who’ll give me a rope

to pull me up from this pit of despair

that very well gave me so much to bear.

And so my mind is left with wonders.

If only the God of universe should alter

these dire bearings of my heart together

with His more pleasing will that’ll change me forever

Can I find real love in my man’s heart, ever?

I wonder…

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