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Open Letter to God’s Best

I read an Open Letter from Mr. Right and it inspired me a lot to write this Open Letter to God’s Best. (I prefer using “God’s Best” than Mr. Right.) So here are the words birthed from the very core of my heart…

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –

Dear One,

I hope you happen to stumble upon these words.

I am writing to let you know that I am grateful for your existence. I thank the universe for birthing you.

God must have been taking delight in writing our story. I bet it would be a glorious tapestry.

I am grateful that you are there; and that you are patient enough to wait not only for me but for the right timing as well.

It only shows that you are man enough not to “awaken love until it so desires” (Song of Songs).

I don’t know about you but my heart has been so wrong in the past. It has been utterly scorned, profusely wounded, and brutally bruised. I needed a little space and time to purify my heart, to grow more in Christ, and to lavish with my relationship with Him. Thank you for giving me that leeway. Thank you for not distracting me in my walk with Christ at this moment.

I have been praying that God will only give me the best man of His choice. But I am earnestly praying and working hard to be the best for you, too.

I want you to know that I am enjoying this season of my life. I am loving myself more than anyone can. I am caring for myself more than any man can. I am enjoying a “single” life.

I want you to know that I am not needing a superhero or a knight in shining armor. I am not a damsel in distress.

I won’t be needing you. But I would be wanting you — your love, your time, your consistent affection, and most especially, your emotional and spiritual maturity — because more than being handsome, I want you to be a happy and a holy man.

But don’t praise me for saying those things.

Waiting for a man like you takes a ton of forbearance too. I forbear provoking a jealous feeling with every couple who lovingly walks along the park holding each others’ hand. I forbear day dreaming with every love song I hear and I forbear wondering if somebody will sing a ballad for me too. I forbear coveting every beautiful poem I read and I forbear desiring to receive one someday. I forbear releasing my emotions as they rush when I watch romantic movies. I forbear declaring lack of faith with each passing day waiting for you.

Sometimes I just wish you would come and just sweep me off my feet. I would imagine you and me exchanging words of romance with lovely smiles painted on our faces. Like fairy tale in the movies, I would imagine a man handsomely dancing with me in the coolness of night.

Lovely thoughts.

But I have learned a lot from the heartaches of the past. I have learned how a flicker of emotion can lead to a yet another heartbreak. That’s is why I have decided to wait for you as the Lord permits. But I know all those pure imaginings will be real in their beautiful time (Ecclesiastes 3:11). We will be making memories lovelier than my sweetest imaginations.

Every girl dreams that fairy tale would come into reality.

And I am a no exception.

To me, my fairy tale would come when you declare your love to me fearlessly and purely. Please know that you need not do some overly romantic gestures nor do you have to give me roses and chocolates every day (though that would be wonderful). But a man can be passionately romantic at the beginning but loses the fire of romance in the end.

Fairy tale to me is when you simply act as a man. It’s when you choose to be bold in pursuing me. Fairy tale to me is when you tell me face-to-face that I am the woman you have been waiting and praying for (1 Samuel 1:27). Fairy tale to me is when you see my flaws behind my pretty face but still accepts and loves me for being me (1 Corinthians 13:4–8). Fairy tale to me is when you come knocking at the door of my heart and patiently wait until I open it for you.

Dear One, I know you’re coming.

Even now as you have been reading this, I know you’re coming.

I know…

You are never too far nor too close. You are just there. Perhaps you’re just seeing me at a distance or just wondering about me too. Perhaps just like me you needed time to heal from life’s ills caused by the world around you. Perhaps you know that God is giving me to you. I want you to know that yes, I am.

I am with you in this season of waiting.

Please know that you are dearly longed for.

Waiting and praying for you,

Ms. True-Love-Waits

–Chon.gee © 2015

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