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TL;DR — Building a creative workspace is one effective way of nurturing diversity, collective spirit and an energetic environment for your team. For our design team, our new creative workspace helps us showcase why good design matters.

Our team got a great start to 2019: We moved into our new office location at the DBS Digital Basecamp in Singapore. Our new space allows us to continue growing comfortably, and it’s purpose-made for the way we work, enabling us to deliver high-quality digital products and services.

But getting here has been quite a journey.

3 things I learned building DBS’ first in-house design team: going from 2 to 50 people in four years.

30th April 2018 was the four-year anniversary of the DBS Consumer Banking Group Design team. In the span of four years, we’ve grown from two designers (me and Ed Chu) to 50 before the end of this year.

We’ve gone from wearing banker-like suits on our first day (and feeling very uncomfortable) to jeans and t-shirts, winning the “war” in using Macs and having a design studio in our office.

This is the story of how designers infiltrated the world of banking, and three things we learned in the process.

How I got my foot in the door

In 2013, DBS engaged a design agency to revamp their…

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To succeed in good UX design, everything should start and end with the customer

How can we make our customers’ lives better? This is one of our key goals at DBS and a question the DBS User Experience and Design team thinks about daily. We design the bank’s digital products so they not only perform efficiently but relate to customers on an emotional level.

Our philosophy is simple: design the right things and design things right. Good UX design is useful, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

If you build a beautiful pathway but people bypass it by cutting across the grass because that’s more convenient — can the pathway be considered to have good UX…

Chooake Wongwattanasilpa

Chief Experience Officer @Bank of Singapore; former Chief Design Officer @DBS Bank; @PayPal Asia-Pacific; @Motorola Devices, @Morningstar Inc.

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