There has to be a better way to tackle the social injustice still alive in our country. From policies that do not work or policies that create worse problems, a better method needs to be used. I believe data science can be a tool to highlight the many sources of the American problem and also highlight the lack of effectiveness of common “solutions” so that they are never repeated.

Data 4 Black Lives inspires me enough to take a weekend away from studying to engage in hopefully useful dialogue on how to use data to help black lives. Also, this events will serve as a opportunity to build relationships with people with like minds that are trying to make a difference in this American problem using data science. I am excited that this exist and I am also excited that this we showing that we can solve our own problems. Too much energy has used on efforts to obtain seats to a table where decisions are being made. Maybe it is finally time to empower ourselves and be the savior we have been waiting for.