Google Cardboard Camera — Create your own VR moments.

Previously available only on Android but now for iOS phones too. The app allows users to capture and share 3D panoramas that Google calls VR Photos.

To create the 360 VR photo, you just need to hold your phone and turn it around in a circle. Similar to how we capture panorama photos using the iPhone’s camera app, however, the Cardboard Camera app can also record audio at the same time to enhance the overall VR experiences.

Now another additional feature is that you can share these gimmicky VR experiences with your friends too. See some of the photos created by other users here.

“VR photos are three-dimensional panoramas, with slightly different views for each eye, so near things look near and far things look far. You can look around to explore the image in all directions, and even record sound with your photo to hear the moment exactly as it happened.”

Download the app and try it out now.

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