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Why limiting content increases its value..

On hearing of Twitter for the first time in 2008, like many people, I thought who on earth is going to use that??

140 characters? Bite-sized snippets in a never ending stream? It just didn’t sound like it could catch on.
People without even having used the site were dismissing Twitter as an outlet to inform friends to the fact you were putting the kettle on, or that you had just successfully managed to complete a laundry load.

Ironically the very funny parody account “Boring Tweeter” is how many of us envisaged Twitter would become:

What we did not see coming was the genius of the platform, real time news in easily consumable, condensed soundbites which forced the creator to deliver the core message without any fluff.

I really like this idea of getting to information quickly and the successes of Twitter (character limit), Vine (video duration) and to some degree even Snapchat (disappearing messages) all seem to suggest that forcing an economy of choice on content creators can really improve engagement with their users.

I wondered if we could take this paradigm of restricted curation and apply it to the product and social commerce arena.

If we could provide the tools for every user to create a headline billboard of the top 10 items they are most passionate about, then this would create a compelling platform to showcase their own ‘Personal Brands’ and Lifestyles.

A bite-sized, centre-stage visual snapshot into what makes you tick!:

A typical user profile on Your10

By default, the selections made would be those on which our users actively choose to spend their hard-earned money; a representation of their aspirations, product preferences and brand loyalties stylishly showcased by their own personal lifestyle billboard.

A pretty powerful concept that could yield incredibly valuable insights!!

This concept could become even more useful and valuable if you could quickly peer into the lifestyles, expertise and recommendations of your friends, people with the same passions, industry experts who have the inside scoop and brands who have designed their products to actually fulfill your passions:

Expert cycling recommendations on your10 platform

By limiting the number of items which could visually represent identity, lifestyle, expertise or inventory to only 10 selections, we could guarantee our users are incredibly passionate and engaged to a much higher level with the items chosen.

So we decided to prototype a platform which would do exactly that, a central discovery hub which brings together meaningful, relevant recommendations from users, experts and brands. These would be short form, image heavy recommendations for the type of user, like me, who would think “Wow that looks really cool, it obviously does the job as people are recommending it — I’ll have that!”

Product page on Your10

Today the incarnation of this idea can be seen at, it is still early days and we have much to improve upon.
But the idea is there for a fully product centric, 3 sided social platform where users can browse, share and curate their passions.

Now the basic build is in place, we are looking to take your10 to the next level via crowdfunding with a Crowdcube campaign due to launch the first week of July. So don’t be shy, please do visit us, share and follow our campaign, you may even want to get involved as part of our journey ☺

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Justin Glaister Founder Your10