Three things you need to learn to get master React.

Nowadays React is maybe the most framework use in web development. React was developing by Facebook, so that lots of forums and a very good and vast documentation is flowing the web. But you need this three things to master React.

  1. Components

The first one is a component. But what it is? A component is one that provide use the uses of props(properties) also we can re-use code. Very important!!! Remember child and parent components. Child components would be added to the Parent component for this being read by the react dom render method in the index.js.

Check out the following link: Try to understand, just focus on App.js and src/components files.

Clone and Enjoy it! Don’t forget to follow me!! jajaja.

Type: npm install command in your terminal inside the path of the clone carpet.

“Don’t forget to export your child component to the parent component or to other child component, always respect the hierarchy and understand it.”

2. States

The states are used to communicate with events such as click, in the search bar in the web page or to access data from API’s.

Los estados se utilizan comunmente en eventos como clicks, en la busqueda de una página web o consultas desde APIs.

Check this link:

“Don forget npm install


Props or properties are those which can pass a value or information between components from the Father to its child.

Check it out :

“Don forget npm install

These are the things you mainly need to know before being a React developer, and is for sure that when you master React or these three concepts at least, you will be able to master or to learn any other Framework like Vue or Angular. But one thing is sure technology changes fastest than the time we take to learn a Framework or a programming language. So why are you lost time reading this, start practicing and build web. With React you can do some of the most amazing sites as well as the best UXs.

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