The 2017 North Korean conflict flop and what to look out for.

As most may know, recent tensions are winding up even tighter between North Korea, and the united States of America. Some may argue that the U.S.A needs to avoid conflict with North Korea, and however this may be true if counting estimated casualties, North Korea would have a much harder time taking on the US. Regardless, North Korea is testing ballistic missiles, and have tested three in April 2017, despite violating the united Nations security council resolution. North Korea at this point has shown intentions of warfare use on the United States, and they will not stop until they have a nuclear missile that can hit us. This is about the time we will most likely enter war. It could be tactical, quiet, utilizing Navy seals and Green berets, but North Korea is much too open and urban for this. When North Korea develops a nuclear missile capable of hitting the us, this WILL prompt president Trump to take military action because the North Korean government has already stated they intend on destroying the united States. World war 3 is inevitable at the point of the North Korea’s defiance to comply with international warfare laws. The united Statss has already set up a thaad (terminal high altitude area defense) network in South Korea, which was even accepted by China. North Korea has violated a wide variety of supranational organization codes of conduct, and now has the possibility of Japan, South Korea, Russia, the united States, and maybe even China against the North Korean military. The biggest warning signs to look out for as the predecessor to ww3 are; if the united States thaad network in North Korea is attacked, if North Korea launches an icbm, if North Korea becomes any major immediate threat to United States security and infrastructure, and if North Korea threatens Russia. Keep an eye out for any of these early warning signs, and keep an ear out for sirens.

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