Why I built UnsaidTalks.com ?



I started UnsaidTalks.com after end of my internship and before starting my First job @ EXL Analytics. I was free for around 2 months. Having a fire inside me to build something of my own, I started unsaidtalks.com as a blog to guide juniors of my university from which I graduated. I wrote few blog posts related to placement preparation, cgpa related doubts and living life @ Thapar University effectively in general. Few of my posts got really good attraction and I got many appreciation messages from my various juniors.

On the other hand, my friend Sahil Gogna started another blog called placementseasontu.wordpress.com where he put up interviews of his batch mates who were placed in various companies during campus placement. We both wanted to expand our blogs, and since our target audience was same we decided to collaborate to form a platform where we can guide our juniors with various questions related to cgpa, placements, internships, career guidance, interviews etc.

We got lot of attraction from Thapar University students. Students getting placed in companies started thanking UnsaidTalks. During campus placement days in Thapar University we got 20k+ hits per week on our website.

The mission of UnsaidTalks is to bridge the gap of experience between life as an engineering student and life as a professional in corporate industry. We aim that students gain required skills in University to achieve better understanding of world after 4 years. We are Huge believer in giving back and helping out in the community and the world. Hence, We at UnsaidTalks intend to give back our experience as seniors to the juniors and build most effective community to put engineers on right path.


To expand our platform with interviews, we made a campus ambassador program called UnsaidTalks Interviewer Program(UIP) through which we hired around 22 ambitious students of 2nd year from Thapar University for 4 months who were given a status of UnsaidTalks Interviewers. They were given task to interact with their seniors of 4th year getting placed in various companies and interview them. Through this program, they gained knowledge regarding various companies visiting their campus, they got to know about expectations of companies and what it takes to get placed in great companies. They also gained confidence and improved communication skills via this interaction.

Here is the feedback of students who worked with UnsaidTalks Team:


We know that this is just the beginning of what we intend to do. We aim at collecting the experience of students passing out each year from engineering universities and giving it back to their respective juniors. We intend to expand our network to other engineering universities. But we are aware that this is not going to be an easy task. Scaling up this thing is truly a biggest hurdle. But what is the fun of doing something if it doesn’t have challenges. And if it would have been easy to build such platform then it would have surely been already built. I believe if your intentions are good and you love what you do then one day you will surely reach where you want to reach.

I don’t know if we will be able to put impact at such a huge scale, But I believe even if we put up few of our budding ambitious engineers on correct path, we will be successful.

Here is what you will find on UnsaidTalks.com

  • A platform to get in touch with your seniors
  • Most Effective Ways to utilise your free time in University
  • Tips on Starting with coding
  • Basic and Advanced Interesting Python coding Projects
  • Must Read books while in university to get better understanding of world after 4 years.
  • Guidance about getting your dream Job
  • Exclusive Interviews of students placed in companies visiting Your Campus