Essential oils are the nature remedies for many all purpose life solutions. As they have high concentration of herb or plant they are built from there indiscriminate use is strictly prohibited. There are three primarily way by which essentials oils can enter our body i.e. inhaled, ingested or applied to skin. But there are hundreds of methods within each of these for applications. It totally depends on the condition for choosing the correct method.

Inhalation technique involves absorption through skin by diffusing, evaporating, steam or spraying. In Topically method they are applied directly to the skin using compress, gargle, massage or in the bath water. Using internally application like oral ingestion, suppositories or in cooking method should be sparingly used and if possible ingestion should be done under medical practitioner.

However in most cases essential oils should never be used undiluted on the skin. As the molecular size is small these highly concentrated natural form of chemicals can easily penetrate skin and enter bloodstream affecting regular working of the body system. Best practices are to use them 3–5% solutions with carrier oil for dilution purpose.

As their effect on hormones is widely known, some of the essential oils are considered not safe during pregnancy. For children’s too extra care should be taken for using them in diluted manner. Lavender oils, chamomile, orange, lemon, frankincense are some of the essentials oil which are considered safe on children skin with dilution but skin tests are more preferred in starting. Mokshalifestyle is leading brand manufacturers from India producing varieties of essential oils which are extracted from natural sources of various herbs, plants, bark etc for specific purposes.