A Time to Kill iTunes
M.G. Siegler

I actually called Apple this week to ask how I can unlock all my music to play on any software other than iTunes. I still like buying my music by the album or single songs. I love the store — I discover new music there by seeing what “people who bought this also bought”. But the management of music, etc is an atrocity to all mankind. I kept many playlists for tens of years most of which have all been destroyed by iTunes inability to locate files that are there it just forgets where. Over time, instead of just making songs as missing the tracks were just deleted from my lists.

History lost.

Additionally annoying is that I want to keep all my music files on a hard drive that is NOT always connected to my computer. The moment I run iTunes without that hard drive connected it sets the default iTunes folder as the music folder again. I pay for the streaming of all my music feature — yet iTunes is obsessed with knowing where my music folder is. I want the app to archive the files on a hard drive, as a record, not depend on it.

This all should be basic in this age of streaming.