10 Things About This Election You Probably Don’t Want to Hear
Dave Pell

Nobody is saying saint. But comparing her email server — which even an investigation headed by someone who everyone agrees is a conservative… turned up not very much and certainly nothing coming close to considering jail time. The rest of her flaws run the gamut of most politicians available in today’s market. Her real flaw is being around for 30 years and her naked ambition had her political enemies knowing that they should be targeting her from 1992 all the way to her predictable run for the White House.

False equivalency is something the media has created to make it a horse race that they can continue to grab ratings with all the way to November and the public eats it all up. For all of Hillary’s issues — which make for a few turds are nothing compared to Trump’s shit sandwhich of Trump U, prejudicy, wanting to prosecute journalists, casual attitude about nukes and dictator loving attitudes. What’s more, there are at least two dozen other things I can still list that I just don’t have the time for and I can do all that without even mentioning the groping.

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