Birthstone of July Month-Ruby (Stone of Love)

RUBY — Stone of Love

Rubies are the epitome of royalty and the emblem of a flourishing love relation, it is the most important & essential gemstone for the fortune. Rubies, the well known and reputed member of corundum family and sibling of sapphire is one the 4 precious stone that have been in vogue for generation .

In Sanskrit, Ruby is explained as the name of “Ratnaraj” which has the meaning and roughly translates to “king of the gems.” The word ruby comes from the Latin Rubens which means red.

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It’s the red splendor of ruby that cast spell on the onlookers and wearer equally and it depends on the wearer. It’s not known when and how this gemstone came in contact with human civilization, What is the history behind on it? But according to the ancient scraps ruby mining dates back to more than 2500 years and since then rubies are a must have part of jewelry especially for royals. Royals accept the challenges in their life and wear ruby gemstone for their good work or future as well.

Rubies are found in shades of red, from rich darkish red to pigeon blood red and pinkish red. So, these are colors of Ruby. The red hue comes from traces of the mineral chromium.

1. Ruby is the birthstone for July month. It is also a traditional gift for those celebrating 15th or 40th anniversaries. People used to wear it specially in July month.

2. Rubies are extremely strong, registering 9 on the mohs scale of hardness. They are as resilient as sapphires and only slightly softer than diamonds.

3. Rubies have been found all over the world, including in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), Africa, Australia and the USA. The majority of rubies for sale at Israel-diamonds originate in Myanmar, Thailand and other locations in Asia.

4. The most precious rubies are those with a full, rich red color with just a hint of blue tones. Originally, the finest rubies were mined in Myanmar.

5. Almost all rubies have flaws. Rubies without imperfections are exceptionally rare and command prices even higher than diamonds of a similar weight and quality.

6. The world’s largest ruby is owned by a Chinese jewelry company. It weighs 8184 g (40920 carat) and measures 5.11x5.43x5.70 inches.

Rubies, because of their brilliant red hues, are often related to themes concerning the essence and vibrancy of life. Ruby is symbolic for:


As a symbol of enduring love, rubies are believed to enhance one’s powers of seduction and virility, and ensure everlasting passion. Few people used to wear it for passion only and they don’t believe in traditional things.


Warriors have worn rubies into battle for their properties of protection, courage, and strength. Carrying rubies into battle is believed to lead to victory. In the “wizard of oz,” ruby slippers protected Dorothy from evil forces. So, it is advised that wear it in the battle field when you are going to win and defeat evil forces.


For centuries, royalty has emphasized their ruling status by wearing the crimson gems in their crowns, jewelry, and vestments. They have also worn rubies to enhance their wisdom when faced with crucial decisions, especially regarding financial matters. They were also used to fuel ambition in men. Ruby has power as people suppose that it fill power energy in our body and increase our confidence.


A ruby amulet, pendant, or charm is believed to bestow harmony, success, emotional balance, and contentment to its wearer. So, bring happiness in your life.

Healing Powers

Rubbing this gemstone on one’s skin improves physical and mental health. It will purge the body of toxins and revitalize energy. The ruby stimulates the heart chakra and improves blood circulation. Patients are warned not to use rubies near the solar plexus area, however, because of possible harmful effects. So, wear ruby gemstone with some restrictions and care also.

In Russia, Ivan the terrible trusted that this gem was therapeutic for the heart and mental acuteness. In the 13th century, ground rubies were considered a cure for liver problems and other body diseases.


In the medieval times, rubies were accepted to predict impending danger by turning a darker shading. Worn by kings, treasured the world-over, and a definitive image of love and passion, the ruby has a idiosyncratic history.

Whether you believe in its mystical & magical powers or simply love the mesmerizing, dark-red color, the ruby is a truly magical jewel.

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