Building our team

From the beginning, we wanted to make a product that would change the conversation around health and fitness. We’re not interested in building better tracking software, hawking quick fixes or photoshopped abs. Instead, we want to create a product that recognizes that your health, your body, and your mind are already sources of strength that help you pursue the best version of yourself. We believe that your efforts matter, regardless of your particular skill set or area of interest, regardless of your gender.

When our team sets out to solve a problem, we approach it with the belief that empowerment, support, confidence, and motivation are core pieces of a healthy and wholly human experience. We know that our collective experience around health and fitness should never be exclusive, but celebrate the diversity of our individual passions and pursuits.

We know Chorus can be successful because when we walk through the door each morning, we see a team of people who embody the diverse qualities and characteristics of the people we ultimately want participating in our community. Women make up half of our company and women make up half of our engineering team. Half of our team has never done Crossfit and half of the people who have never done Crossfit are men. You get the idea. Each person brings their unique passion for fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness to bear in every conversation, line of code, designed interaction, or product decision.

Because of who we are and what we believe, every day we set out to create an environment that will amplify people’s existing strengths and interests, acknowledge their inherent shortcomings, and give everyone meaningful ways to help others pursue a healthier lifestyle.

These are things we’re really proud of. We are taking time to acknowledge and celebrate them today on International Women’s Day.