Chorus Beta

We’ve started to test Chorus with select fitness coaches and small groups. This is an exciting milestone for us, as our product is now in people’s hands and we can start to see what’s working well and where we can improve as we get ready to launch.

We’re building Chorus to make a healthy life more fun and more sustainable. We believe the rituals and social accountability that build habits and motivate behavior in the real world can work digitally.

Numerous real-world fitness and wellness platforms have reached massive scale thanks to social motivation and accountability — consider Crossfit, Soulcycle, and plenty of others. However, we haven’t yet seen a digital counterpart thrive in the same way. And this means a huge number of people don’t have access to the programs, tools and inspiration that can help them achieve their fitness goals.

This is a problem. And we’re solving it.

At Chorus, we believe there are three fundamental components that must be addressed by digital fitness platforms:

  1. Social motivation and social accountability, which are vital for changing behavior and forming habits
  2. Variety and a holistic approach to fitness — exercise is important, but so too are nutrition and mental focus
  3. Goals, competition and collaboration, so fitness feels fun and not like work.

We are building Chorus to address all of these components so it’s the one app you need for fitness and health, no matter what your fitness level or experience might be. Over the coming months we will be testing our hypotheses and making sure our product delivers on our promise to help everyone live a healthier life.

For fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness coaches, Chorus will enable you to program for all your clients and team, while staying on top of their progress and questions. Stay tuned for ways to get involved and request access as we expand our tests. To follow our progress, keep an eye on this blog and follow us on Twitter and Instagram — we’re @chorus.