Together not alone

Building a product that actually impacts our health in meaningful ways means focusing not just on what you show up to do everyday, but who shows up to do it with you. At Chorus, this means finding people who come along and support each other even when there aren’t any records to break, more steps to take, or badges to earn. Chorus believes that healthy people and communities are made up of real people working on real goals in real life. Sure, those experiences can be filled with fun and games, but we also know that life is hard. Games and gimmicks sometimes just aren’t enough to get us over a seemingly insurmountable obstacle or to the end of a challenging day.

Whether the day is good, bad, or ugly, what gets out of bed in the morning aren’t workouts, or meal plans, or meditation programs. What keeps us going are the people who show up to cheer us on, support us, and continue to be there in the lows as well as the highs. And it is during these times that we recognize that simply by being together, we don’t feel so alone.

When we work together, we can celebrate that day where a friend finally lost that final pound or a colleague woke up for the first time in months without feeling anxious or stressed. On Chorus, your team stands together during big events and spurs each other into action when the light at the end of the tunnel seems far away. Teams pick us up, dust us off, and remind us that we are worth it and that our efforts matter. These relationships re-energize and inspire us to keep going, and remind us of how much stronger and healthier we can become if we wake up, show up, and commit to improving one another every day, one step at a time.