DMP-Week 2

For the next couple weeks my posts will be someone's story as to why they have joined a sorority or fraternity and are willing to take on the financial burden. This week the story will be about my reason(s).

A reason that I wanted to join a sorority was to not just make friends, but life long friends. Second reason was to make the transition into college easier. Since I'm not good with change I thought having a ton of sweet and loving girls around would be something good to have to help this big chance in my life. Another reason is because you end up meeting a lot of people over the years you are apart of your sorority and that you'll end up having connections here and there that you could get a really good job, internship or just be apart of something really great.

Once I had found out about the price of being in my sorority, I called my mom and told her that it was really expensive and that if I couldn't join the sorority that I was okay with it because I knew it cost so much and we couldn't really afford it. My mom told me “wow that's a lot of money, but I will talk to dad about it and we will get back to you.” So the next day they called me and said that they found away to cover the cost and they just want me to have the best time here at the University of Minnesota.

So these are my reasons for join a sorority and why my family and I have taken on this financial burden.