Tomorrow never comes

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The words coming from the other side of the phone

Still echoing around the walls of my mind

“Tomorrow” he had said

And it never comes, it was said correctly

One drunk driver, two cars crash, the sober is now still

He dies

And tomorrow never comes

What comes is a news

Of death, and darkness drives away light

What comes is a box

A watch, his phone and wallet, and bouquet of dried roses

What comes is tears

The end of laughter, and a flashback



Seeing a boy standing on the window

And knowing a few things

Knowing that the feelings are right

That a connection has been made


Sleepy phone calls

Texts too good be true

Dates, more like fairy tales


“Don’t die before me.”

“I love you.”

“I do.”

And tears

Tomorrow never comes

But memories do

And a bouquet of dried roses too

And tears and unhappy evenings

Lonely dinners and soar ice creams

And a box filled with him, and devoid of him

Tomorrow never comes

Neither does he

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