GSoC @OpenMRS 2nd week

It’s been a week after starting the coding period of GSoC. Last week an article was published regarding the first week in this link. Last week I was working on retrieving Report Definitions from Reporting module. But after having another meeting with my primary mentor I realized that the path I chose was wrong and he explained path I should focus about. I met a major issue with DHISReporting module. I and my mentor tried to figure out the issue, but still we couldn’t fix that issue. Issue : Report definitions cannot be imported from the DHIS instance.

In addition to working on that issue, I started working on report mapping in DHIS Report module. I created an indicator report with few SQL Cohort queries. To map the DHIS Reports with Reporting reports, first I had to create similar number of Cohort queries.

Map Report tab with mapping indicators

For the next week I am planing to retrieve cohort definitions and add them to the DHIS2 Report Elements section. That’s all for this week…. :)